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About the author

Hey, I'm Tom. I'm an author in his early 30s living near Brighton in sunny old England.

My particular type of alternative history writing is a little different to some other examples of the genre. I've always been interested in history, even going on to take a Master's degree in the subject. This passion for history definitely bleeds into my writing, which has as much in common with historical fiction as it does with alternative history.

With my books you know exactly what you're getting: a world with the same basic rules as our own, there's no wondrous technology or magic. Withering of Eagles books are all in a world exactly like ours, except for the important difference that events in WW1 went differently.
Instead my books focus heavily on the experiences of individual characters, their traumas and passions, their interactions with their world. Through this rich and diverse cast of characters you can experience the strange wonder of how our world could have been, but wasn't.