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About the author

Marc Daniel is the author of the Michael Biörn series. After spending time in Ohio, France, and Montana, Marc is currently living in Texas with his wife and three dogs.

Marc developed a taste for mystery novels very young, and was definitely hooked to the genre by age 11 after reading Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. The Queen of Crime's unparalleled talent for mystery has had a strong influence on Marc’s desire to write and this is reflected in his novels. His taste for science fiction came a couple years later after stumbling upon The Dreaming Jewels by Theodore Sturgeon. Simak, Asimov, Van Vogt, Zimmer Bradley, Wells, Bradburry followed in short order. Marc was 18 when he read Frank Herbert’s Dune, his first space opera, and was immediately fascinated by the genre. He spent the next few years reading Space opera sagas almost exclusively (Herbert, Anderson, Bordage, etc) with the exception of the occasional Agatha Christie. He discovered fantasy much later at age 25 with Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy. In the years following, his reading started gravitating more and more towards this literary style. Surprisingly enough, it took Marc another eight years to read his first urban fantasy, Patricia Brigg’s Moon Called, and to realize he wanted more. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series partially tamed his appetite but his thirst could only be quenched by writing his own series. A year later, Shadow Pack was born.