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About the author

I don't consider myself a writer; I'm a storyteller. Ever since I can remember, I've had all sorts of stories running through my head. Those stories went haywire when my daughter started high school. And what is more fun that writing about high school escapades? I'm super excited to share those stories with you in the My Life Series. Tales about teens dealing with real-life situations, from death to love to family issues to discovering who they are.

Originally a born and bred Atlanta chick, I currently reside in the land of sunshine and barely a winter just north of Tampa, Florida with my hubby and two crazy barking dogs. If you sneeze, then you miss the one day we MAY have temperatures around freezing. And yes, I do talk with a southern drawl.

In high school, I *hated* English. It was the one class I always got a B in no matter what. However, I thoroughly enjoyed yearbook staff: writing crazy copy while eating Krystal hamburgers and designing layouts with pica rulers and grease pencils. I found my true writing self in college thanks to an amazing professor at KSU (I don't even remember his name otherwise I'd give him credit), but didn't start venturing down that path until many years later. I did write marketing copy for many, many years before finally putting my stories down on paper. I love designing books (covers, interiors, and eBooks) as much as I love writing them.