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About the author

As a little girl, Lora had an obsession with monsters. She drew dragons and winged serpents on her schoolwork, watched Beauty and the Beast endlessly, and collected horror and sci-fi monster figurines, from the famous Xenomorph (her very favorite) to classics like the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Wolfman. A classmate once told her she liked monsters so much she'd probably 'get freaky' with them.
The thought had appalled her back then. But now, as an adult...
Lora likes the strange and taboo. She loves horror and fantasy. And she loves to write! Taking fantasies and putting them to the page for others to hopefully enjoy as well. It can get dark and creepy. It can get a little dirty. But it can be a whole lot of fun.

When Lora isn't writing horror and fantasy erotica and romance, she's usually reading, eating too much candy, or watching her favorite movies. She lives in the states with her family and her shy tarantula, Bela.