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About the author

Amanda Luzzader is the award-winning author of dozens of short stories and essays. She is the author of the Among These Bones series and co-author of the Creep Factor series.

Amanda writes mainly upmarket science fiction and horror, and she is a self-described ’fraidy cat. Things she will run away from include (but are not limited to): mice, snakes, spiders, bits of string and litter that resemble spiders, most members of the insect kingdom, and (most especially) bats. Bats are the worst. But Amanda is first and primarily a mother to two energetic and intelligent sons, and this role inspires and informs her writing, which frequently involves mothers and women as main characters. As Amanda likes to say, “Moms are people, too.”

Amanda has worked as a technical writer and a professional editor and is currently employed as a grant writer for a Utah nonprofit organization. She is a devout cat person.