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About the author

Seth Masek is an entrepreneur who has created several businesses that focus on sustainable and environmental solutions for healthcare. He has invested many years into the elimination of waste generated by healthcare operations and currently runs a recycling company that converts biomedical waste into clean energy. His passion for writing, which he developed as a young man, returned powerfully in his adult years when the lightning of inspiration struck. He has since written hundreds of poems, songs and short stories to express his life experiences in a form both entertaining and engaging.

Seth is convinced that an excellent measure of success is one's honest knowledge of self and living faithfully to that knowledge. Seth's work reflects a relentless attempt to articulate and capture his experience of fear, hope, sorrow, thankfulness, forgiveness, friendship, passion, love and grace. He has written hundreds poems, stories and songs in the pursuit of communicating the immense power of these visions that we all collectively share and the spiritual threads that knit humanity together.