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About the author

Jon has gone from stressful I need to do it all approach to relaxed well-oiled system. Along the road he has mastered the most important skill for entrepreneur: how to find new business ideas that match your personality. Choosing the wrong business, you may end up with lots of annoying tasks that leave little room for enjoying the process. Or business full of stress and problems. Choosing the right business, you will make it sooner or later, because it suits you.

The journey brought out that he has given too little attention to an important value: helping others. This led him to writing books and organizing courses, so that other entrepreneurs can be better equipped for choosing the best matching business. So that you too can better understand your deeper self and what kind of business model is the best fit for you.

Now Jon just organizes promotions, creates invoices and forwards orders to production partner employing mentally less able people. It takes only up to 1 hour each workday. So there is enough time for helping other people do the same and taking care of the food garden, walking in the forest, going kitesurfing near wild beaches or travelling.