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About the author

David Heidenstam grew up in Norfolk, UK, in the 1950s. Trained as a political scientist, he has worked as a labourer, security guard, editor, house renovator, village postman, sailboat-delivery cook/crewman, and warden of backpackers' hostels in Ireland. As a writer/editor in the 1970s and '80s, he was one of those responsible for the series of Body books (Man's Body, Woman's Body, Child's Body), which together sold several million copies in 16 languages, including a US Book of the Month selection, and in many cultures brought a dramatic shift in health and body awareness for ordinary men and women. Some of his poems have been published in Ambit, Agenda, and Faber and Carcanet anthologies. His journeys have included hitch-hiking through Iraq just after the Ba'ath party had come to power, two Atlantic crossings on sailboats, and taking his father travelling for the last years of his life.