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About the author

Andrew C. Jaxson writes stories that scare, intrigue and (hopefully) move his readers. He works across genres, although his novels may be best described as Young Adult Science Fantasy Thrillers (phew!). He's worked a litany of jobs, from wedding DJ to teacher to street salesman, and hates referring to himself in the third person. He lives with his wife and two sons, as well as a cat, although his cat seems to think it's her house, and occasionally brings home snakes as gifts. He lives in Newcastle, Australia, but has very strong memories of his childhood in Bourke; particularly being traumatised by an evil rooster who was then eaten for dinner as revenge.

He loves the ability of words to get in someone's head, and is inspired by the idea that he can write some words on a page and they can travel anywhere across the globe, creating worlds in the brain of a reader half a planet away. Hopefully, his work will do that for you.