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About the author

Hey all, I’m a Romance, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Psychological, Coming of Age Fiction published indie author living with Cerebral Palsy. I didn't let my Cerebral Palsy stop me from fulfilling my lifelong dreams of becoming an author. Amanda has three Mafia/Romance books. One teenage Romance book, A screenplay, & a kid book out on for sale under my former pen name, Alexandra Forry.
With significant changes coming to my personal life and family. I felt the need to let go of my past. With my journey to grow as both an author and advocate for cerebral Palsy as CP Gal, I have also decided to let go of my former pen name, Alexandra Forry and changing it to Amanda Fino. I’ve started an Official Newsletter of the author Amanda Fino; CPGal Reader Nest, that comes out on the 4th of each month, with book news, a Badge of Courage small article saluting Cerebral Palsy and other disability warriors.
I’m finishing up writing my newest book telling her inner depth of emotion being a woman that has CP with a unique outlook on life. Cerebral Palsy Gal has been a work in progress; I haven't found the exact words until now. It shall be coming out this year, with Deepest Elements a Novelette as a BONUS!