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About the author

RICK HAS FOLLOWED a strange path in life. Graduating from Penn State in 1986 with a degree in electrical engineering, he spent a few years working for the US Navy in Virginia, repairing F-14’s and A6’s. After a brief stint designing circuit boards in Pittsburgh, he made a left turn and became a video game developer. For the next fifteen years, he was a programmer, a game designer, a producer, and executive management. Working for both Take 2 Interactive Software and for Electronic Arts, his name appears in the credits for titles such as Star Crusader, Ultima Online, and Madden Football.

Somewhere along the way, he took yet another detour with the University of Central Florida, serving as one of the original faculty for their nationally recognized Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, where he teaches video game development.
He is an avid chess player (having briefly trained with a Grandmaster, against whom he once proudly managed to achieve a draw). He collects history books, boasting over seven hundred volumes in his library at home. He is a process junkie, obsessed with making spreadsheets for EVERYTHING. He has been writing as a hobby for over a decade, with the patient forbearance of his family, who allow him the opportunity to close the office door at home and tinker endlessly.

He lives at home in Florida with his wife Cheryl and daughter Jesse, along with two lovable dogs, a psychotic cat, and a guinea pig named Max.