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About the author

Marysol Benning aka Mari Benning by her friends, is a courageously, prolific, and principled leader whose purpose is to help people break out of crystallized thinking. As a thought-provoking author, teacher, dynamic speaker and inspirational songwriter she induces people to experience new realms of health, living and accomplishment. She is also the founder of Virtueosity, a Coaching company geared towards empowering women.
Mari began her love of writing in elementary school where she expressed herself through journaling, poems, short stories, and songwriting, a gift encouraged by her mother. But her love of writing soon came to a halt when her works were no longer viewed as a release of creative expression, but a heap of condemning confessions; she vowed to never again compose another intimate sentence.

After two decades of soul-searching, Mari’s love for writing was resurrected from the ashes lying dormant within her creativity. Destiny came knocking and the passion that once fueled her heart for writing reemerged like FIRE which ignited her interest to begin blogging.
A native of Buffalo, New York, Mari is the proud daughter of Hispanic parents who migrated from Puerto Rico in the 50's. She now resides in sunny South Florida with her loving and supportive husband Jay, their four children Jamaal, Julius, Judah Alyna, Janiya and the family dog Max.

This savvy business woman and entrepreneur, has released one CD and six published books to her credit:
Thank You For The Ice Cream;
Unleash Your Renewed Mind;
Unleash Your Divine Design;
Finish The Race of Life;
Publish It!;
Dream Catcher Organizer;
“Dream” – Music CD

Mari is very active in her local church and serves her community and readers through her practical, yet powerful books, music and workshops.
Mari Benning invites you to follow and connect with her on all her social media platforms: FB:@coachmaribenning Twitter: @iamvirtuosa, Instagram @maribenning and website:
Mari is also a member of NFAA—An educational community to assist authors of non-fiction with published works and resources.