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About the author

Hello! Welcome! It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Jennie, and yes, I was born in a time when every other baby girl in America was named Jennifer. I heard the call of writing when I was a teen and have dabbled for years in the art form. I grew up on a beef cattle farm in NE Ohio, one of the best childhoods a person can have, and a part of my heart will always belong to that dreary weathered place. Now I live in rural Kentucky, among the bluegrass and dazzling horses, with my amazing husband and our new addition Archie the Boxer.

I'm a huge history buff, with degrees in biology and anthropology. Since these are some of my favorite topics to learn about and research, I tend to add them as strong themes in my stories. Medieval European history is a passion, but who can resist all the lovely books about King Henry VIII and his unfortunate wives. In truth, I'm a huge Anglophile, and probably would be right at home living on the isle of my ancestors.

Also, I am an avid tea drinker. My cupboards are filled with more tea than any one person needs. Some of my favorite blends are Earl Grey, Chai, anything with cinnamon or peppermint, and I've grown a fondness for floral teas as I've aged. Usually I'm carrying a mug around the house, with some sort of tea sloshing inside, animals not far behind begging for treats or affection.

And last, I've an addiction to perfumes, with a growing collection of scents. From light and airy to the more gourmand, I like them all. What I adore about perfume is its ability to fit your mood, even better than your clothing. Smell can really lift the spirits and inspire some great writing.

Again, thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my books as much as I enjoyed writing them. Don't be a stranger, I love to hear from you and what you think of my work.