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About the author

I was born in Conisbrough, Yorkshire, which is famous for its magnificent castle. I could see the castle from my bedroom window, and walked past it on my way to and from school, so not surprisingly at had a big influence on my life. I found out later that it was rich in history and legend, and was particularly fascinated by the story of Hengest who was supposed to have fought his last battle there in the year 488. That led me to an interest in Anglo-Saxon literature and history, and I was fortunate enough to be able to study this at university. Since then most of my writing has been set in the Anglo-Saxon era or the middle ages. I am particularly interested in working with lost fragments of stories and building them up into full-length novels, or reconstructions of the original sagas. My latest work is the Vortigern Mini-Trilogy which is written in an experimental style which I call poetic prose. It is actually blank verse set out as prose, but the verse is written with that in mind, avoiding inversions and giving due consideration to the shape of the prose paragraph.