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About the author

Gypsy Reed is the alter ego of a small-town Texas mom who spent her youth devouring books and daydreaming of fantastical storylines.
She penned her first romance at 15 on a Smith Corona typewriter. A life-long unabashed fan of literature and music, her tastes are as eclectic as a heterogeneous orgy.
She enjoys defying/twisting typical romance conventions for the purpose of exciting and tantalizing readers. Shocking, climactic endings are what she loves to read and write.
Gypsy admits to an obsession with Tarantino flicks, French Bulldogs, The Brontë Sisters (especially Emily), the TV series Supernatural, the musical genius of Amy Winehouse, and believes pie is always better than cake any day. But if you have a strong cup of coffee and a desire to dive deep into a book discussion she’ll happily take a slice of cake after all good storytelling much like life itself is never as easy as pie.