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About the author

Gypsy Reed is a writer, blogger, and author of Tristan Evers MD: Chronicles of Chloe series.
Gypsy’s love of storytelling marked her writer’s soul at an early age. Her love affair with books burst fully in adolescence. She enjoys defying conventions and twisting the predictable romance formula for her novels. Plot twists, shocking endings with endearing yet flawed characters are her chocolate. Her current work in progress Knights of Mayhem MC is an attempt at turning the biker romance genre upside down in her own uniquely compelling way.
Gypsy has spent over twenty years as an avid reader absorbing the various techniques and nuances that make for a compelling narrative. A well-seasoned logophile, she studied English literature during college at UTEP. A life-long observer of people, mannerisms, and personality traits, she uses her unimpeachable memory to best serve her stories.
Gypsy resides in Texas with her son. Her hobbies include not melting during the summers, unabashedly indulging in YouTube reactions marathons, creating perfect playlists for her novels, designing original book covers, and composing opinionated, helpful, entertaining, and thought-provoking posts for her scandalous romance blog.
“Truth can often be brutal and harsh, like life. Then there are moments, sublimely beautiful that snap you out of your malaise and offer the greatest of human traits…hope. Isn’t that what love is? Blind hope that someone else on this planet gets you, that they always will. It’s gratitude and forgiveness, it’s exceptions, never the rules, it sweeps you off your feet then gives you a safe, gentle place to land.”-Chloe Grace Weber…Chronicles of Chloe Vol 1…
“Life like Love & Romance is all about the journey, not the destination…”-Gypsy Reed