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About the author

Author Arica Quinn Bio

Arica, AriQui in the literary world was born in Inkster, Michigan to the union of James E. Quinn (deceased) and Pastor Yvonne McCoy, October 1, 1969. She graduated from Platte College, Denver with an Associate of Arts degree in Computer Graphic. Her professional writing career began in 2014, at the age of 45, with her first short story, Just Talk To Me and has since published the second installment of what will be a six book series as well as seven other books as a signed author of Snow Publishing/Sonovia Presents. Magazine Writer and columnist for Amazon Best Selling Magazine The Transparency Library Magazine. A featured author of the NAACP 109TH Conference 2018 Authors Pavillion in San Antonio, TX. Colorado Ambassador and Keynote Speaker of the African American Author's Literary Awareness Campaign 2018 Chasing Your Dream Tour. She is the current MS. Colorado Delegate of the Miss Plus America Pageant and book cover models. She says it and she’s keeping it real. She “The Author,” writes her myth just as we all do daily in our mind and stories we tell to each of them, but she tells her story about you from your lover's identity of you. Arica is a hot mess on the planet if we’re not ready yet. She looks at the souls of men and women and translates what she discovers into literary works of art. She is fire and always ready to give you some truth that reflects from personal experience before trying to change you or sell you some BS you can get elsewhere, an articulate speaker, motivator, and encourager. Her writing plays like your own personal soundtrack wherever you’re standing at every moment of your life. Inside your head, man and woman just enjoy the lounge, her voice, her story, and her light. Arica enjoys writing romance, inspiration, poetry and urban fiction. Her message to her readers is simply this: That both women and men realize the God-given royalty that they possess. That no wherever you're your journey begins its the final destination that matters and that is to leave your mark on this world, your legacy,
Arica is a mother of two Kings Jeremiah Malachi Taylor and Matthias Michael McGee. She is the proud grandmother of two Princess Phoenix Amiah Taylor and Meliodas James Taylor. She currently lives and writes in Colorado and is available for speaking/reading engagements. Her books are available on Amazon at
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