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About the author

From the moment I learned to string letters together makes words, and stringing those words together makes sentences, and so on, I loved to write. For me, it was always a private thing; my secluded world of make-believe. I could develop my gift without fear of rejection or humiliation. My happy place. However, something changed along the way. It started out as a dream; a dream to become a published author. But, to achieve this dream, I need to expose my writing. The continual fear of rejection and humiliation has prevented me for years to take those first steps into the world of publishing. Even now, as I type these words, the dark presence that shrouds me, whispers, “You will fail.” So for me, pulling back the curtain for all to see is a huge, terrifying step. I have created a starter book, if you will, called 'Silly Rhymes for Silly Kids'. Currently working on my bigger project, a trilogy called Twisted City. I am both excited and terrified to publish and share it with the world.