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About the author

Pete Young spent his formative years growing up on an illegal mushroom mine in country Victoria. His youth was mostly spent toiling away as a subterranean rock-blaster in the family mines, where he would be responsible for blowing apart layers of bedrock, then sifting through its rubble for the treasured green-top mushrooms, which were distinguishable by their bioluminescent glow. When he wasn't bottling bootlegged mushroom oil, which his family peddled as the only cure for walking into a room but forgetting why you went in there, Pete would sometimes look out the window. At the age of twelve, after finally growing tired of combing mushroom spores out of his beard at the end of each day, Pete abandoned the family business to pursue his dream of becoming a plumber. Many years later, he realised that was a terrible decision and wrote a book, which turned out to be a much better decision.

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