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About the author

Victoria Maybe is the author of the Forfeit Doratty fantasy Adult Adult series. She lives in a house that is haunted on Tuesday and Half-Wednesdays with a herd of wild beasts that sometimes pretend to be dogs. Once she thought she saw a velociraptor wearing a bowler skulking about in her backyard, but that turned out just to be her neighbor in his night robe. Mornings in the Bedlamyte House must start with many potions including coffee and whisky. Her principle areas of expertise are Magic and Mayhem which she acquired through years of training with the Order of the Word, whose principle training method is to tie one to a chair with their eyes propped open with toothpicks forcing them to type mostly coherent sentences until books are formed in a puff of smoke and eye grit.

It has been rumored that Ms. Maybe is actually a permanent inhabitant of the World Wide Interwebs, but she assures you that she takes seriously her commitment to take corporeal form at least once every year and twice on a leap year. Please contact her through one of the many inter-communication pipes made available to you via modern technomancy.