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About the author

Lynn E. O’Connacht (she/they) is a queer SFF author with an MA in English literature and creative writing, but wouldn’t call herself an authority on either. She currently resides on the European continent and her idiom and spelling are, despite her best efforts, geographically confused, poor things. Her tastes are equally eclectic, though fantasy will always be her first love and speculative fiction is a guarantee for anything longer than a short story. She has been chasing stories one way or another since she was old enough to follow a narrative.

She also enjoys reading and discussing academic literature about asexuality and aromanticism and gaming. When not reading or writing, she can often be found desperately trying to stay on top of her Netflix queue or her pile of unfinished games.

Her works include the Fairytale Verses series, a series of queer fairytale retellings in verse, and The Princess who Didn't Eat Cake, a short fairytale aimed at exploring and introducing demisexuality...