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About the author

I'm a South Carolina native, born and raised. I grew up believing I'd take over the world with rock'n'roll. By my teenage years, I'd had my fill of Guns 'N Roses, Toto, and DC Talk. So, I naturally joined the club by writing my own songs, one sick riff and catchy hook at a time. My endeavors in music led me to the live music capital of the world: Austin, TX, where I lived for 2 years before I was--by an odd turn of events--one of 25 students selected for a higher education program San Francisco, specializing in Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, which opened the door for a data analyst position in NYC as an intern. Meanwhile, I'd picked up writing a book I had an idea on back in high school and hit the ground running. During the 2 year period, I finished 4 books, and in November 8, 2018, I published my first one. Life has lead me, by a series off uncanny events, to recognize without apology, the conviction buried in me all along. I am an author.

So, when I'm not writing books, I'm writing songs or nerding out over data. I still plan on taking over the world. Now I just have more avenues.