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About the author

Rachel Renee, born, raised and is still living near Cincinnati, Ohio. She has traveled to many places but always comes back home to where the majority of her family lives. Rachel loves to read when she’s not writing. She loves coffee, Mexican food and a good drink (a margarita or bourbon) after a long week!
After completing a degree in psychology and racking up thousands of dollars in debt, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom and homeschool her children, all the while working on her writing career. While she is not using her degree in the secular world, she uses it on a daily basis, psychoanalyzing her husband of fifteen years and two children (11 & 9), her two dogs, three cats, and her life as a writer and a teacher.
While Rachel enjoys reading books from many different genres, she also enjoys writing different genres as well.
Her first release is a contemporary romance entitled Untangling Rose.
Rachel is currently working in the murder mystery/crime series genre. Instincts, Human Nature and ILL WILL are all part of Rachel's Savannah PD Series. Her most recent release is a spinoff to the SPD Series, entitled The Cauley Files and the first book published is The Professor.