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About the author

Regina Morris is an accomplished author of sensual vampire romances and contemporary romances. Her COLONY series won first place in the Houston Writers Guild’s annual paranormal contest, first place in Passionate Ink's Sexy Scribblers contest, and her books frequently hit the "Top 100" Amazon purchased books in their selected categories.

Her novels are about vampires who can alter their aged appearances by the amount of blood they consume. One of her vampire series, the COLONY, is about a covert team of sexy vampires who protect the President of the United States. This series’ success prompted her to launch another series (“COLONY World”) that involves the same world, but about civilian vampires who live among unsuspecting humans.

She loves to read and write about romances with true love, sexual tension, and happy ever afters. Her sensual stories achieve a balance between the paranormal, suspense, and steamy romances. The President, White House, and government are mere backdrops to add some tension to her sexy novels. The heat level on these novels is hot.

Her contemporary short stories are about humans, not vampires. They are sweet romances (very low heat level) since they are typically included in anthologies with other authors before Regina debuts them as individual stories, and eventually publishes them into her own collections.

The novels range from 110K words down to 36K words. The short stories range from 40K words to 7K words. Her Amazon ranking average is 4.6. Her Goodreads ranking is 4.38.

All books have been professionally edited. All, except the latest released short stories, have been produced into audio books.

Book List:

COLONY SERIES: Eternal Service, United Service, Enduring Service, Equality of Service, and Reliant Service

COLONY WORLD SERIES: Winter Wishes, Destined Desire

HISTORIC PRESERVATION SERIES: Just in Time, Time Historian (these are fantasy, time-travel stories)

ROMANTIC SHORT STORIES: Taking Chances, More Than Puppy Love, Christmas Joy