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About the author

A few pen names Lara writes under:
Lara Rose Lee (Rose-Lee is her mother's middle name)
Lara Webb (Lara's maiden name)
Lara Stevens (A Random pen name that sounded nice)

She was born in California but raised in Phoenix Arizona. Through her life, she has always loved to make up stories. She would tell her own version of fairy tales to her children at bedtime and they loved how she made it fun. When her marriage had ended she took to writing her own stories on the computer. She had worked for a small Christian newspaper as a reporter, the paper is no longer in print. She has many great ideas to put down on the computer and look forward to a career as a writer. As of now, she is her elderly mother’s full-time caregiver. She had moved to Northern Arizona, in the beautiful cool pines. Her mother loves to read Lara's stories and is her biggest fan.

Lara just learned a few years ago that she is the twenty-four generation descendant of William Shakespeare, descendant on Shakespeare's mother’s sister’s side; from the bloodlines of Margaret Arden and Sir Alexander Webb; a descendant of the Webb's. It seems she has writing in her genes.

Now as her children are now grown and have families of their own, They still are giving their full support in her endeavor to become a successful published writer. As a grandmother, she loves her grandchildren and now is telling them stories. She is now looking forward to what the future might hold and what her writings will bring.