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About the author

About the Authors

Allysa and Rayanna (or Ally and Ray as their friends call them) are author besties who met on Facebook years ago when they were both writing dirty kinky books. In 2018, they had two opportunities to co-write: one in a box set for a popular kinky book world, and one as a passion project that they plotted out together on a crazy whim one night.
Ogre Daddy is a story dear to their hearts that needed to be told, and they now lovingly refer to it as “the book that started the crazy train.”
“The girls” as their PA likes to call them, live on different sides of the continent with husbands that look eerily similar. They each have 2 children, 2 dogs, and write as their only career. Between the two of them, they now have 37 published books, 6 of which are co-writes, with many more co-writes to come.
When they aren’t writing, they are generally video-chatting with each other, and terrorizing Facebook, often doing both at once.
They share a mutual love for sushi, Lindor truffles, and books that make them laugh, and that is where the similarities end.

Since they are basically one person, Ray and Ally have a joint newsletter, a group they run together where they get up to all sorts of shenanigans, and a joint Facebook account where they share their love of kinky books and dirty rom-coms by sharing links, sales, giveaways and new releases from their favorite authors.

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