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About the author

M.W. Davis is a sentient grizzly who lives deep in the Ozarks with his wife (the chipmunk), daughter (a red panda), a son (who wants no part of this spirit animal nonsense), a cat (an actual cat), and a wise old corgi named Fred.

When not writing complete nonsense, M.W. earns a living in the health care industry. He likes to view himself as a jack of all trades, a tinkerer of old, a renaissance man. More than likely he has an undiagnosed case of ADD. His hobbies include collecting hobbies. From woodworking, to board games, to cooking, to computer gaming, 3D printing, vinyl collecting, and restoring arcade cabinets, he is on a lifelong mission to catch them all. Except Pokémon, he never could get into Pokémon.

M.W. graduated college with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and an associate's degree in Network Administration. Hearkening back to his hobby collecting he was one class short for a minor in philosophy, sociology, and probably a couple others if he would have stopped to check. One degree that M.W. did not come close to minoring in was English. M.W. has what you could call a checkered past with the educational fundamentals of the language and those who attempted to instruct him on the proper use of words. M.W.'s favorite English professor once told him in front of the entire class something to the effect of, "You have great visuals and are one of the most descriptive writers I have read, but your grammar sucks."