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About the author

J N Lowrey read her first romance novel in her grandmother’s living room. Her grandmother’s house was teeming with paperbacks filled with happily-ever-after’s. It was a young girl’s dream.

After college, she began her career in corrections. It was years down the road before she was bitten by the writing bug at the hands of a crappy movie that she decided could have been written better. Her first book was submitted to a publishing company’s critique reader to a disheartening and demoralizing review. As a result, she shoved her dreams of writing into the bottom of her entertainment cabinet.

In her late 30’s, she had children and dealt with her husband’s many health crises. As a form of stress relief, she began writing non-fiction books. However, it wasn’t long until the whispers of romance started filling her head again. This is the first of many books to quiet the voices in her head.

J N Lowrey lives with her husband and children, and a rowdy rat terrier named Jack. They all live in a small town in Northwestern Missouri. In her romances, you will find humor and intertwined relationships due to her love of trilogies.

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