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About the author

Jamie has been writing stories for almost as long as he can remember.
He tends to write fantasy that runs the spectrum of the fantastic from light and comic to so dark it is almost horror.
His short stories, novellas, novels, and even poems are linked in belonging to the Storystream Universe, which exists explicitly as a Universe of linked (sometimes anthropomorphised) stories. Some stories are fairly isolated; at other times, characters from one novel might come into another in a different context. It's all rather strange, but quite fun at the same time.
As most of his novels and short stories exist as stand-alone work (i.e., you don't have to worry about coming into things half-way through) you can start exploring this Universe at various points.
His website also contains links to various free short stories, and he regularly sends new shorts out to his newsletter subscribers.
He was home educated and spent his formative years running around his parent's hedge maze and selling the boomerangs his father made. Other than that, his childhood was fairly normal.
He trained as a biochemist, but realised after completing his degree that he was not very fond of lab work. He retrained in medicine, and now works as a doctor in the East Midlands, as a GP. He finds writing that speculative fiction is a great way to ground himself after long shifts in the bizarre fantasy world of the NHS.