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About the author

Who am I? The great existential question of the ages. Well, I am a female above the age of consent. The years at times have weighed heavily upon me. Picture me in your mind, bending before the winds of vicissitude. But I put pencil to lined notebook paper in January 1, 2009 and never looked back. It was a turning point. I’d found something that allowed me to channel all my beliefs and passions, put my background in military and diplomatic history to use, and employ my creativity, whether writing or drawing. What could be better?

It’s not always easy. My solar power system sometimes goes on the blitz, the cats want to sit on the keyboard, and I have to chainsaw endless amounts of wood to shove into the maw of the wood stove.

But the clear air and views of my home in the mountains of Southwest New Mexico take my breath away and make those inconveniences tolerable. In the peace and quiet, I can imagine life in the stars in the twenty-sixth century or conjure up images of lovable dragons.

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