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About the author

Maggie Lowe grew up in a small town in California called Niland. It’s so tiny it’s not even on the map but she always called it home. That’s where she made many of her fond memories. That’s where her love of writing began. The first story she’d ever written was about these vampires who’d over run the town. In the story her and a few vampire hunters had hunted them all and destroyed them. She had given it to her eighth grade teacher who in turn sent it off to this literary place where she’d won a gold medal for it.

Then tragedy struck her family. Before she was even twenty years old her father had past away which caused her to lose her way, lose her passion for writing. She began spiraling down a dark path, it destroyed her. But one night a friend, someone who was like a brother to her, had said “Maggie, what are you doing? Dad never wanted this life for you. He wanted you to fulfill your dreams.” That one statement is what helped her turn her life around.

Then she met her ex husband who at the time was the sweetest person she had ever dated. That soon changed once they were married. He did a 180, he became a monster. It took her 3 in a half years and with enough courage and strength to leave him.

She currently resides in Nevada with her amazing new husband who’d never dream of harming her. He encourages her dreams of being an author, he’s her muse.

Maggie currently has a few projects out that include Butterflies and Flutterbyes which is a poetry book and her debut novel, Summer Solstice which is a Supernatural anthology, 42 and Beyond which is a sci fi anthology, and Bloody Encounters: Monsters and Mayhem which is a horror anthology with Chandra TruLove Fry and another author under a pen name! She has many other projects in the works and looks forward to the future with her new husband along for the ride!!!!