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About the author

Hello friends,

Mama Magie here. A post-stroke mom who writes as part of my recovery. The stories on my PenumbraMine accounts are my more serious scribbles when I am not writing fantasy with my minionettes. The PenumbraMine stories here are ALL for a more mature audience, a walk between shadow and light. There will be triggers for those of us who are survivors. Some of the beginnings, middles, and endings are not what I would wish on anyone or to be done by anyone.

But sadly, these are the truths of many.

Reality turned to fiction as a coping mechanism. Some are my own, some belong to others. Some will overcome, others will succumb. It is the way of the world, and for some, the happiest outcome is simply an ending.

I do not advocate suicide or self-harm, denial or self-medication. I encourage all to seek help, even if it lies with a stranger through pixels and photons. We are all sisters and brothers. We all have choices in a world that teaches we are objects. Weep, cope, reach out.

You are not alone. You do not deserve to suffer. For support, please visit @SayNoToAbuse