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About the author


Stephan [pronounced: stef-fahn] is a relocated Scotian who now lives in the sunshine states of the US where he spends most of his time writing out on the beach and tending to his accidental vegetable garden. He’s always been known to create vividly wild stores since he was a kid without any desires of publishing. Now, after retiring from the music industry, his longtime affair of writing as a favorite pastime has now become a new profession.
Being a Native American Siksika of mix blood and mixed culture as well, it was inevitable that everything else in his design would turn out to be a mix bag of hosh-posh influences thrown into a life time of nerdy-love for the studies into ancient cultures and religions. From his Indian heritage and Mariners family history, to his own self-expressions of gothic punk and natural science, plus a little bit of everything he’s ever explored and sampled and always managing to avoid falling into any form of stereo type’s definition. It’s no wonder, when it comes to his writing, he’s a rule breaker. Even when it comes to his two favorite genres: Dark Gothic Erotic-Fantasy and Historical Fantasy.
But in the end, oh the places we will go.