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About the author

Talon lives in Tarpon Springs Florida with his twin sister, Prin and niece; where it is anything but cold at least 10 and a half months out of the year nor is he suffering any of those triple digits the rest of you have been this summer— but the best remedy for that is more heat and that can be found in their books.
Talon’s testimony to being a true writer is revealed in the three cats sitting on his desk that are just downright fed up with being ignored— so much so that some nights they're either parking themselves right on his hands or on the keyboard— they've learned it’s about the only way to get either of the twins to stop and pet them.
Talon & Prin have both worked in the concert industry with staging and production and are both avid collectors of several medias of erotica {some folks like trading cards ~ We like ManCandy}. Including erotic photography and vintage prints to go along with their immense library of Erotica and Dark Fantasy— and Sci-fi. There’s a lot of sci-fi in the house.
Writing has always been an affair creating Fictions of Dark Fantasy and Film Scripts in the Action/Drama and a few Sci-Fi's. It wasn't until Talon began an ancient history tale with his twin sister that their writing works turned to the Erotic Genre and they’ve been hooked ever since.
So be sure to have your reading glasses ready and block out some private time on your schedule, because—

“I’m about to make you wet”
~ Talon ps