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About the author

Rae Hendricks has been writing ever since she could hold a pencil.

Beginning as a way to cull her boredom and express her emotions, Rae turned to poetry and short stories at an early age and found that she loved to weave new worlds with her words. Creative Writing, Theatre, and English educators only added to her love for writing, and she found herself winning many contests as a teen and knew for sure that being an author was somewhere in her future.

After a long career of writing for others, she decided it was time to share her own stories with the world, and now she is happy to be writing in a genre she has been passionate about ever since she picked up Harry Potter for the first time; young adult. You'll find that most of her tales are full of magic and brand new worlds and creatures to explore but also delve deep into the psyche of what it means to be a young person in the world. She believes her books will inspire both the young and young at heart the way that authors such as Addison Moore, Cassandra Clare, Lauren Kate, and L.J. Smith have done for her.

When she is not writing, Rae wears many hats; business owner, editor, mother, teacher, and wife. In her free time, she loves to let loose to rock or hip hop, read the latest YA and romantic suspense books, visit the beach, and browse the Internet for the funniest memes.