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About the author

Born in the southwestern United States and raised in Arizona. The author has lived and traveled throughout much of the US and parts of North America.

Though an honor student throughout much of his schooling, he dropped out of high school. Over the next many years he spent time in the military, fought wild-land fires while working for the US Forest service, drove trucks, worked in construction and worked many other jobs. Much later in life, the author went back to obtain a college education.

As a youth, the author was an avid reader. He earned good grades in English, both early on and in college, but the author had no love for writing early on. On the most recent of several short-term moves back to Arizona, something changed. The author moved into a small trailer along the banks of the Verde River. There, unplugged from the internet, the author began to write down the thoughts and ideas going through his mind. Six weeks later, the rough draft of The Accidental Ambassador had come together. Six months after that. The book was self-published. The first batch of paperbacks have recently been printed. Working on finding distributors; again self-published.

Though he and his family recognized early on that there was something odd about his personality and behavior, Tourette's-like symptoms, the author was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome much later in life. This knowledge has helped the author to understand himself better, and further education and training has allowed him to better understand others as well. David advises parents to get answers concerning their children's behavior sooner than later.

The author currently resides and works near Seattle, Washington, USA. Books two and three of the series are under way but no word on completion dates yet.