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About the author

After years of dating men, Tom still considers himself as one who's far from being an expert in the love domain; yet, being courageous, he continues to evolve and learns a bit about himself in the process.
Endowed with a creative mind and a witty perspective of a real world where one can have their FANTASIES come alive, his ingenuity with words, guy stories and the human nature, motivates him to put together his experiences into fiction-laced writing. Tom is passionate about books, art and the big city life.
When he is not putting his characters into real trouble, Tom collects inspiration for his stories from his (and his friends) dating life, pop culture, reading Gay comedy romance, and exploring the nightlife. Tom's idols are Sophie Kinsella, Candance Bushnell, and Truman Capote.
His new Gay Romantic Comedy novel is currently in the works - stay tuned!