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About the author

Born into a family with a penchant for teaching, an austere respect of educators was fostered in Dovie, second only to a fear of God. Children were expected to be compliant and silent about family matters. Questions were met with stinging consequences.

Dovie took solace in her pen –– even with the knowledge that her journal would be breached periodically and read aloud to the family.

But nothing stopped Dovie's quill from dissecting the guarded veils of family life, the hidden stories that swam in academic fishbowls, and the nature of God. Fueled by the transgressive examples of Sylvia Plath, Ken Kesey, Shirley Jackson, and John Steinbeck, Dovie has inked her observations about courage, mental illness, disabilities, alternative lifestyles, the dark side of academia, and the baffling fit of traditional religions in the modern world.

The subject matter might be heady, but Dovie Ruth's story is delivered in a lively, juicy, provocative tone that leaves the reader questioning the status quo.