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About the author

Cinnamon Worth is a San Diego native who is also the youngest of ten children. Growing up, she would listen to her siblings’ tales of shenanigans and escapades. Although she did not share her older siblings daring quest for adventure, she did discover that through imagination she could find all the excitement she craved from the safety of her room.

She discovered a love of reading at a young age and firmly believed that a good book should strive to make the reader feel uplifted. She was later shocked to discover that nearly every English teacher she would study under did not seem to agree with this philosophy. After countless hours reading assigned novels that included tragedies, melodramas, and modernism, Cinnamon was eventually convinced to agree that a good book did not require a happy ending. She does, however, strongly advocate for one.

In college, Cinnamon met her Prince Charming and then promptly left him to pursue an opportunity to study abroad in the beautiful English countryside. Fortunately, her Prince was a patient man who waited for her return, and he has since spent nearly 25 years teaching her the meaning of love, showing her the World, helping her to raise two wonderful children, and encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

Cinnamon enjoyed a long career in public sector finance, but she was delighted to leave the corporate world behind in 2014 to focus her efforts on being a homemaker. This shift gave her more time to explore new interests and hobbies which include traveling, cake decorating, crafting, and home renovations. Much to her surprise, she discovered, almost by chance, that she also loved to write.

Hoping to encourage her own children to embrace reading, Cinnamon started writing stories that she thought would cater to their preferences. She focused on plots that centered around popular manga and anime characters. Although she was informed by her children that her stories were, “good but contained too many words,” Cinnamon did find an audience for her work after posting the stories on the internet. Soon, Cinnamon decided to shift her focus to writing stories based on some of her own favorite characters. After completing five books using famous characters from Jane Austen’s novels, she is branching out to write clean Regency Romance using her own characters.