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About the author

James henry Coates is an author of paranormal, fantasy and comedic horror fiction. He was raised in the tiny town of New Lowell, a population of almost eight hundred. He began writing at an early age and was almost positive that he would be doing it for a living someday. Later he attended film school where he concentrated more on producing, but used his talent and love of writing to try and help projects that were stuck or in need of creative help. But it wasn’t until he was hospitalized and stuck living in a hospital that he began to truly write again. Left with nothing to do, day or night, J.h. Coates used his laptop and abundance of time to start and finish ‘My Boyfriend is a Monster’. J.h. Coates resides in Innisfil, Ontario and has just finished the super awesome and cleverly titled 'My Boyfriend is a Monster 1.5, a novella that takes place between 1&2 as well as ‘My Boyfriend is a Monster 2’ which will be out this fall.