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About the author

Simply Saira is a Pakistani-Canadian author, speaker, and coach. She came to Canada at the age of 11 and found herself bonding with art and writing as a form of self-expression. Coming from an immigrant family she has been passionate about creating a better and different future for herself and her family.

Saira started writing again during some of the darkest times of her life as an avenue to express her deepest emotions and heal from the trauma. She has emerged as an inspiration for men and women around the globe as a strong and compassionate woman. She truly embodies grace and strength and empowers others to be true to themselves. Her words always carry gifts in the form of encouragement for everyone.

Saira is on a mission to inspire, encourage, coach, and empower others to rise above adversity in their life and to fall in love with themselves all over again, because no one should ever have to live in fear, hate, lack, depression or abuse.

Feel free to connect with Simply Saira on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @iamsimplysaira and her website