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About the author

Some things I love: sassy heroines, twisty mysteries, juicy secrets.

My books, written under my own name and as Rory Tate and Grier Lake, are full of all those things. I am fascinated by the lives of women. The choices that women sometimes make are a quagmire of directions and misdirections, sending women into careers, love affairs, children (or no children), travels, and hobbies. And, in the case of my novels, into suspense, crime, secrets, and love.

I started out writing mysteries set in Montana and Wyoming (Alix Thorssen mysteries), World War 2-era mysteries (Dorie Lennox), the branched out into standalones (Jump Cut, PLAN X, All Your Pretty Dreams), and the Bennett Sisters Mysteries, now seven strong and counting. Read about all the books at