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About the author

I’ve always been an author, but I haven’t always known I’ve been an author. It took a few tragic events in my life and a lot of time for me to figure it out.

But I’ve never had a problem creating stories. Or creating in general. I wasn’t *the* creative person in any of my classes in school, I was always the kid who never spoke but always listened. I was the one who would take an assignment and pour my heart into it, as long as it meant I could do something original.

I didn’t start writing professionally until 2014 when I tackled the idea of finishing a novel-length book. Before then I had always written in some capacity, even as far back as elementary school where I wrote pages of stories about creatures under the earth.

It was a good series. I wonder where that is…

It took a few tries and a few novels under my belt before I figured out what I was doing, and I am currently working on the INFINITY’S END series. It’s my first foray into Space Opera, a genre that is near and dear to my heart (I love Star Trek!) I am thrilled to be doing this and couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life.

I hope you sit and stay a while and enjoy the fruits of my labor. May they bring you as much joy as they bring me.

Having lived in both Virginia and California in the past, I currently reside in Charlotte, NC with my very supportive wife and two small pugs.