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About the author

Elli P Hunt is well known for storytelling, which began at the early age of four. She entertained her family with fanciful tales with vivid and active imagination. Later, she gained high marks in literature, where she excelled in creative writing courses. This talent was recognized early in her high school years where she authored articles in a school journal that she created for students.
This continued, in her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where she authored several articles published in a student newspaper. Elli also authored several fictional essays and poems that were published in a journal published by the English Literature Department. Showing a range of diversity in her writing skills, she wrote, directed, and acted in a series of videos for educational purposes.
Later in her teaching career, she continued to write producing technical manuals used for training and curriculum for industry and educational purposes. Using her writing talents and interest in helping people improve their lives and communities, she created educational materials to assist advance knowledge and skills useful to them and their neighborhood communities.
After retiring from teaching, her love of storytelling, especially fiction never waned, continuing to write fictional stories in hopes of having them published. Currently, she has several fictional stories in various stages of work awaiting to have these published also.
Elli resides in Menomonie, Wisconsin, a small college town located in the northwest region of Wisconsin where she enjoys the abundance of forests, and natural resources. She enjoys hiking and biking on the many trails in the area and camping in the Great North Woods.