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About the author

H.P. Burman was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, and grew up being bilingual. His father is Swedish and his mother is British. In his younger years, his creativity took shape in the form of Lego buildings, comics, and making films with a friend. As he got older, construction began to play a larger role in his life. This eventually led him to studying construction engineering and working as a site supervisor for almost a decade.

Early on in life, H.P. Burman was fascinated by science. Space in particular. The Back to the Future trilogy got him hooked on the genre of science fiction, which still remains his favourite. During the last couple of years working in construction, creativity began to reemerge. Ideas for sci-fi books started popping up in his head. An opportunity to move to Amsterdam presented itself, which was the perfect time to start transforming those ideas into novels.

"Lives Of E" is H.P. Burman's debut novel. Work on the sequel is underway.

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