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About the author

Hello, and Welcome to the Fold.

As a half English, half Maltese teenager growing up in France, it was my friends who introduced me to the exciting world of role-playing games, needing only paper, dice and a whole lot of imagination.

After a week of vapid and torturous sessions, I told them I'd had enough. They challenged me to do better, and gave me the coveted role of Game-Mistress.

I accepted their challenge, and in a few days, I'd created a new, exciting world of magic and immortality called The Fold. They were hooked. I continued to develop it, hour after hour, night after night, for over a decade, until one day, I realised that I wanted to share my world with more than just a bunch of geeks around a table.

After completing a BA in English literature and an MA in Creative writing, I finally sat down to write, and The Dreamwalker, the first book of The Delacourt Chronicles, saw the light of day.

Other series in the Fold will include The Academy, The Black Rose and The Moira Chronicles.

I'm currently living in Montpellier, in the South of France, with my husband and beautiful baby boy.

I can't WAIT to share this world with you!

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