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About the author

I've been writing poetry all my life and had my first poem published in my convent school magazine in Wales. My poems did not see the light of day again until the early noughties when they got published in various anthologies and magazines, eventually leading to my two first published collections – fHeart Broke (2013) , a poetry book about relationships and endings. Then Dolly Mix (2014), a mixture of performance poetry I'd written and performed at Spoken Word events.
Meanwhile I'd started writing my first memoir many years before, after a bout of pneumonia. It was set in South Africa, where I'd lived for two and a half years in the 1970s during the apartheid regime. I worked on this book while raising two kids, teaching Info Tech and Ancient Egyptian history in Adult and Higher Education and then moving into delivering cognitive behavioural programmes within Criminal Justice. It was like Maya Angelou said ' There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you'. I had to write that story. I completed an MA in Professional Writing and went to writing groups for over 10 years. That book- 'A Hippopotamus at the Table' was finally published in 2015.
By 2017 I'd begun teaching Memoir Writing to small groups- I felt I'd learnt so much from all my mistakes I could teach people the pitfalls I'd encountered and how to avoid them. I decided to write a book about writing memoir as there were so few good ones out there on the topic and they didn't relate to indie authors. I started it in 2017 and it was finally published in 2018 – Writing Memoir. How to Write a Story from your Life.
Family tragedy and health stuff have conspired to put back the proper marketing of this book, by six months.... but I'm now wanting to get in to gear - but first I need reviews - which, dear reader, is where you come in. Thank you so much for being there. and I hope my book will redress the balance a little - there are many books about writing fiction and not so much about this genre - a true story from your life... The book's purpose is to get you started to give you guidance, stepping stones to achieve your goal. There are very short writing exercises at the end of every chapter, just to get you kick started.