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About the author

I’ve been writing books since before I knew how to spell. My supportive parents would often humor me as I tried to explain my incomprehensible plots to them. My crayon illustrations helped, but just barely. Once I could spell and draw, however, things really got cooking!

Mysteries run in the family, starting all the way back to my great grandmother. I grew up watching old black and white movies like The Thin Man and Rebecca, and reading classic mysteries by Poe, Doyle, and Christie.

Outside of writing mysteries, I love old steamships, 1990s adventure puzzle games, and trusty pets. I live in a coastal New England town with my hideous (yet charming) chihuahua, Fugly.

With my Whodunit Antiques series, I hope to give readers a humorous, cozy escape from everyday life. So grab the latest book and see what shenanigans the residents of Wallace Point are up to!