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About the author

Jodi LeBlanc is a licensed school counselor and early childhood teacher. She was the Executive Director for Head Start / Early Head Start for over a decade and she has a master’s degree in Psychological Services. Her world was turned upside down, when she knew by 12 months, that her daughter had autism but felt there wasn't any help available. Not even a diagnosis.

She has decided to take her frustration at the lack of help and resources and turn it into guidance, support and education for parents who want to do everything they can to help their child. If you are waiting for a diagnosis, have little access to therapy or can’t, or don’t want, to go the traditional route, Jodi's experience and insights are just the helping hand you need.

She uses her extensive background in child development and psychology along with her unique problem solving ability to help parents everywhere take a different look at their child’s behaviors and find solutions that work. Solutions based on what the child needs, not what everyone else wants the child to do.