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About the author

Theresa Stillwagon has been writing most of her life. Since one of her teachers praised a poem she wrote for a class assignment in the eighth grade, she’s been putting words together in the hopes of seeing them in print. Not caring if anyone other than herself ever read them. Her dream came to reality in 2008 when she signed her first writing contract. She has since followed that with a dozen more. Two series and a few standalones.

Getting bored with life in Ohio, Theresa and her husband Mike bought an RV and started traveling around the country with their cats, working in campgrounds. She enjoyed the lifestyle, yet decided to give it up a half a dozen years later. Theresa and her husband, along with their cat, settled down in Georgia, near Savannah. The heat in the state was too much for her, so she moved back to her home state three years ago.

She’s currently keeping her fingers crossed about a submission at one of her publishers and is hard at work trying to finish a few other stories.

Her husband bothers her to no end and her cat, Frankie, bites her for no apparent reason, yet she’s happy.