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About the author

Are we still supposed to do that third person biography nonsense? Nah! Let's be a little more personable, shall we? My name is Calliope Raine which is 100% a pseudonym for a writer with a very ordinary and unromantic real name. I am constantly juggling real life against a writing career - both of which are equally time consuming.

I've been a published author since late 2011, when I was accepted by Ellora's Cave (now defunct!) with my first attempt at submitting a manuscript. Since then, I've been blessedly lucky and had all my stories accepted - still, I always felt like I was writing to satisfy submission guidelines. There's so many do's and don'ts, it's hard to keep track and as a result I found I was writing things I wasn't truly passionate about without having much heart for it. That's not to say people shouldn't go with traditional or indie publishers, just that my experience of the whole marketing aspect was lackluster. (Can NOT fault the editors and cover artists, though!)

Cue a brainwave! I decided that I should reinvent myself, start again from scratch and rediscover my first true love. With the rise of KDP and other self-publishing platforms, there was no reason to have a middle man. In fact, if anything, there's less reason to involve someone else in the creative process. What you will find here are stories I've written because I wanted to and not because a submission guideline page told me that's what a publishing house was looking for. I sincerely hope you'll find solace in my books, a little bit of escapism and always with a HEA (happy ever after) ending.